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Get Your Company Listed on These 4 Sites to Boost Your Visibility Online

by Vinisius Jr

Whether you’re launching a new business or trying to reinvigorate an existing brand, you’re probably already aware that the competition for consumer attention is fierce in 2023. With up to 71% of businesses now operating websites, improving your brand’s online visibility is vital for long-term commercial success.

One way to signal-boost your business is to add your company to reputable listing sites. Here are four you can try today:


For tech businesses, making a business profile on Crunchbase is an easy (and cost-effective) way to increase your online visibility. As a popular and well-known platform for startups, the website is brimming with financial professionals and prospective tech investors looking to collaborate with your brand and help you access a wider audience. Crunchbase can also assist your brand in obtaining online credibility by enhancing your overall search engine ranking.


With over 900 million members, LinkedIn is another listing site that can lend your business some serious credibility. By authoring articles and participating in group conversations with others in your field, you can effortlessly establish yourself as an innovative thought leader in your industry. By demonstrating your knowledge and industry insights, you will also be building your brand’s reputation online.

Additionally, LinkedIn offers a number of analytics tools that can help you establish which demographics respond most positively to your brand. Using this data, you can then make more informed, data driven marketing decisions.

Google My Business

As an offshoot of Google, Google My Business is a smart choice to list your company on as it can instantly improve your visibility on both Google search results and maps. By filling in your business information, you can spend less time interacting with dead leads and target local customers that are more likely to become loyal to a homegrown brand.

Google My Business can also help create relationships with your customers, as it offers comprehensive customer engagement tools, like the ability to respond to reviews and answer questions. You can even help prospective customers find your business by including photos of your shopfront. Like most Google products, it also comes equipped with powerful tools to monitor key analytics.


Yelp is another great way to improve your business’s credibility online. By listing yourself on this popular review platform, you’re showing customers that you’re not afraid of transparency and are happy to address any grievances they might have. This strong customer engagement can help to establish and maintain a positive brand identity online. You can also use Yelp as a marketing tool, by uploading quality photos of your product/service to entice prospective buyers.

Like Google My Business, Yelp is also fantastic for improving your local visibility. Optimising your profile can help you stand out in search engines to attract a local crowd. For a fee, Yelp also offers paid advertising to assist you in reaching even more potential clients.

Overall, listing your business on reputable directories such as those listed above can dramatically improve your search engine ranking and help you reach your desired client base online.

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