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Review of Financial News

by Vinisius Jr

If you’re interested in the business side of the coin, Financial News has your back. They cover the finance industry in more detail than most publications. The site’s flagship print edition has a sizable readership. Its website is also mobile friendly. As a matter of fact, it’s the best of the rest.

The site’s most ardent readers are high net worth individuals. This isn’t to say that their news coverage isn’t geared toward the middle class. While they don’t have a dedicated finance section, they do have an impressive number of finance related stories. Their financial technology and investment news sections are particularly robust. For example, they have several articles on the latest crypto news and updates. These stories include an updated list of crypto exchanges and wallets, new blockchain projects, and an overview of BTC finance platforms and auditing technologies. Despite the site’s modest ad revenue, it still manages to produce a fair amount of top-notch coverage.

The site’s award-winning staff of seasoned finance professionals provide in-depth coverage of the key financial sectors, including private equity, hedge funds, and asset management. A triumvirate of news, analysis, and market commentary makes the site a financial news junkie. They also boast an impressive list of awards, honors, and trophies for their industry. Most notably, the organization has won an astounding 15 industry awards since its inception in 1996. Among the trophies are a whopping four awards in the investment banking category.

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