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Understanding Sexual Harassment at Workplace: Causes and Effects 

by Vinisius Jr

The right to live and work in a safe is a basic right that everyone deserves to exercise. Every person desires to work where they feel safe and secure. The hostile environment is not a desirable place for both men and women. Sexual harassment in the workplace is a hostile environment where a person feels unsafe to work. 

Various causes lead to such harassment in the workplace. If you are one of those who have or your loved ones have faced, you can consult a lawyer and file a case against the perpetrator. You can visit various lawyers’ website and choose the best advisor for you. 

What are the causes of sexual harassment?

Imbalance of power: In various corporations, there is an imbalance of power in which men hold higher positions. This often makes women vulnerable to sexual harassment. The powerful authority of men can make decisions unsuitable for women’s careers and pose a threat to the environment where people feel that they are not safe. 

Stereotyping: There is a prevalence of gender stereotyping in workplaces, which can contribute to the vulnerable situations of sexual harassment. Stereotyping and objectifying women at such workplaces pose a different environment that is unsafe. 

Workplace Culture: If there is a workplace that supports or is ignorant of such problems, then it increases the causes of sexual harassment. Inappropriate behavior is encouraged in such environments; therefore, it is one of the major causes of workplace problems. 

Lack of Awareness and Education: When there is a lack of education and awareness among people about sexual harassment prevalence, unknowingly, there is an encouragement for it. Many people are not aware of the filing of cases against such instances. So, people need to bring awareness and education about it. 

What are the Effects of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace? 

Loss of Productivity: It is a basic tendency that when a person has a problem at a place, productivity will decrease. It affects the entire organization’s productivity and not only one person. This can lead to absenteeism and indirectly lead to an effect on work. So, this is one of the significant effects of the loss of sexual harassment in the workplace. 

Impact on the Aggrieved Party: The aggrieved party has several physical, mental, and psychological effects. They can also suffer from the problems of anxiety, stress, trauma, depression, and the impact on performance at work. 

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